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Tackling Tables


 A letter for home was sent to each class from Year 2 upwards regarding ordering the Tackling tables home support pack.


Please return any order forms by this Thursday 24th March for the Tackling tables home support pack. The money and the order form must be brought together.


We hope to order next week and have been told it will take up to seven days to receive the packs. Once they arrive we shall get them distributed to the correct children in each class.


Many thanks for your support so far.


Hope the Tackling tables practise is going well and Beat the Best tests are encouraging for the children to learn and beat their last score from the previous week! Remember when they can complete Beat the Best in five minutes and under and score 100, you can reward them with their certificate and move them on.


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if you want any of it clarifying I am happy to help.


Mrs Rawcliffe