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Find out about activities running in Pendle by the Children and Family wellbeing Service. The leaflet is shared below.

Classes at Pendle Child and Family Wellbeing Service

Pendle New Neighbours

Pendle New Neighbours is a voluntary organisation that was set up to support refugees and asylum seekers living in the area. We aim to ensure that every one of our 'new neighbours' feels safe and secure in our neighbourhood, and inasmuch as is possible, happy and valued at this difficult time in their lives.

Be Free

Be Free provide access to confidential advice and support in Pendle and Rossendale. Empowering people to be Be Free from abuse, harm, manipulation, upset, distress, control, fear, isolation, violence, harassment, stalking and violation - supporting people to live safe and independent lives.

Money on your Mind

Many people face financial worries from time to time. The document below will show some places where support and guidance can be found.