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Knowledge Organisers

The Knowledge Organisers that have been shared with your children have been created to support with memory skills, in order to retain key facts. These will be shared on both the school website and Class Dojo at the start of the term and referred to regularly throughout the term.


How do they help parents?

These can provide further opportunities for challenge activities for parents to engage with at home. Why not challenge your child further? Investigate and research the topic independently, play games to remind your child what all the vocabulary words mean and how to spell them.


If you would like any further support with using knowledge organisers at home then please contact your child's class teacher.

Creative Homework

Smile 4 Life


Walverden Nursery are taking part in the Smile 4 Life award, providing parents/carers and children with all the information needed for good oral health throughout life.


For any further information, help or advice contact Nursery or your Oral Health Champion Mrs Taj.