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Year 3

Here you will find the links that will tell you all about what is happening in Year 3 throughout the term. There are also copies of the homework that your child will receive.
This week Year 3 have had a visit from Tesco's which taught us all about healthy eating and sugar. It was really good fun - we got to taste lots of different fruits and vegetables and even made our own cereal!

Year 3 Geography Walk

In Year 3, our Topic isĀ 'There's No Place Like Home', so in Geography we are looking at the features of our local area. We went on a walk to Walverden park to see what we could spot! The children had to mark their route on a map and follow it, looking for 'manufactured' and 'natural' features along the way! We saw lots of interesting things and when we arrived back at school we sorted them on to a Venn diagram.