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The Reading Ambassadors are here for a reason not just for show. Reading is an amazing thing because when you pick up a book it is like you are being sucked into another world and we are trying to encourage reading at Walverden Primary. We are so lucky since we have a chance to read but others don’t. You can ask my classmates about how much I love reading! Our main mission is to encourage reading through Pendle.


By Mohammed Bilaal

Chief Ambassadors


Malaika Arif

Mohammed Bilaal


Year 6 Ambassadors


Simra Mahmood

Rabee’ah Basharaat


Year 5 Ambassadors


Aaisha Iqbal

Halima Yasir

Shareen Bano

Nadia Skubij


Year 4 Ambassadors


Eshal Younis

Inaya Bukhari