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School Reopening Letter from Ms Ahmed 19/5/20


Dear Parents/Carer,

I am sure if you have been following the news that you will have heard that the Government wants

Primary Schools to start admitting pupils once more as from June 1st. Initially, this is for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 only.

Here at Walverden , we care greatly about our children and at some point we will hopefully see all

children back in school; however, I do feel I need to tell you that school will be operating differently from what you are used to. 

• We can only take a maximum of 10 children per class

• The children will stay with their group at all times

• An adult will also be with that group at all times

• We are not able to promise that your child will be with their teacher- they could   be with a member of staff from a different year group.

• Social distancing measures will be in place at all times- we know that the children like to play together and hug and sit next to each other but this will not be possible.

• The children will not be in every day as the risk is too high, it maybe for two days..

• We will not be able to use any soft toys or furnishings  

• We will not be able to use any resources with small parts as they are too difficult to clean

• Staff may have to wear PPE

• Parents will have to adhere to social distancing measures put in place too- you will have to

collect your children from specially appointed places and only one parent can drop off.

• There are no fines for not sending the children in.

We will do our utmost to ensure the virus does not come into school but we cannot guarantee this;

The introduction of up to 120 children plus all the parents and more staff in school makes it

impossible to say we will stay virus free.

If we do have an incidence of Covid 19, then that cohort will be sent home and will have to self-isolate. It may be that school would close completely.

Finally, the decision whether to send your child into school is yours- they do not have to come to

school if you do not want them to. School will not try and force you to send them in.

My office staff will have called you if you have a child in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 6. Please tell them if you want your child to come to school after half term and remember it is your choice.

Please confirm with the school by Wednesday at 12’o’clock.  If you have not confirmed with the school by 12 ‘o’clock tomorrow  then I will take that as you are not wanting to send your child in.

 If you have already told the school then thank-you.  

I will be contacting you later on in the week to give you further details of what the school will be doing. 

Like you, we want to keep everyone safe.

Take care

Humma Ahmed