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Online stories in different languages

We just wanted to share a link to a page called Mantra Lingua. They have a online library that can be accessed currently for free where stories can be read and heard in different languages. The description below is taken from their website.

At Mantra Lingua we too are trying to help households where the Home Language is not English. We have one of the largest library of dual language ebooks in the world. Currently, there are over 550 books and 38 languages. Each book is read aloud in English and your Home Language. There are folk tales, myths, stories of multi-cultural life here in the UK and reference books. Each book has a video and a set of activities to help build your child's English language skills. The library covers reading ages from 3 to 15 years, so other members of your family can also access and enjoy.

The link is attached for you to be able to access this resource. We hope you find it helpful.