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Week 2

Writing Blog Week 2

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Today we read an innovated story which was written by a year one child. As we looked through this piece of writing, we were impressed by the accurate use of apostrophes and modal verbs. We were amazed by the use of punctuation such as:


  • Full stops
  • Apostrophes
  • Question marks
  • Capital letters


We were also impressed by how accurate their spelling was and how they tried really hard to sound out tricky words.

Amileah and Rumaana

Year 6


On Wednesday 17th January, a few Year 6 pupils visited two other schools (Briercliffe and Wellfield). The purpose of this visit was Community Cohesion, which is when the community works together to achieve a certain goal. When at the other schools, we all did various activities based on friendship such as: Getting to know each other; Discussing our differences and similarities; Making a friendship quilt and a friendship plaque. However, a few Walverden pupils stayed back to create a good impression of our school to the other schools (Wellfield and Briercliffe). We all had fun that day and it was a great opportunity to make new friends from different backgrounds.